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for lasting change from within.

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My Story

Let’s face it – having an aha moment is something you rarely forget. I live to create those moments with you. Be it in an individual setting or with a group. The spark in people’s eyes when the insight hits is priceless.

My work with you focuses on enabling lasting change from within. I do this by creating an environment where the perceived risk can be high and the actual risk is zero. My clients appreciate my help to find and change the little patterns and behaviors that make up our habits. Powerful questions are an important tool for me, also deeply listening and staying curious. I look at and receive the whole human being, working with both being and doing. Clients can count on my support to build the emotional courage needed to face their full spectrum of emotions.



Working with individuals one on one.

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Supervision and Mentoring for coaches.

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Group coaching for (leadership) teams.

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How I work

Because I’ve worked with a variety of clients in so many different industries, you’ll find me fitting right in. I like to start coaching from the first moment on.

My clients are comprised of individuals, couples and teams who are fully committed to change and willing to do the work necessary. Given my tech background, some of my clients are in the technology sector, who want to connect more to their human side. Other clients have me focus on working with multicultural challenges and sensitivities; for leaders, couples (with international components) and parents.


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Georg Apitz, PCC, CPCC, Chief People Whisperer

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